What Is Saffiano Leather?

Saffiano leather is a popular type of leather used in the fashion and luxury goods industries. The term “saffiano” itself refers to the distinctive cross hatch pattern on the surface of leather. This pattern is pressed in to a wax coating during the production process, resulting in a finish which is scratch resistant, water resistant, durable and easy to clean. Regardless of Saffiano’s many practical qualities, it is commonly used in high fashion and for decorative purposes.

Saffiano leather was originally exclusively made in one of the most prestigious tanneries in Italy, and was the signature and patent of the very well known fashion house, Prada. Whilst Saffiano was once made only from the most premium quality calf leather, it is nowadays possible to produce from all different kinds of leather, including PU, making it accessible to all budgets.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Saffiano?

Saffiano leather is popular in the fashion industry not only for it’s practical benefits but because it is more distinct than alternatives. With its roots in the high fashion industry it is associated with premium brands and therefore the best of both worlds in some opinions when it comes to premium leather goods which are functional rather than display pieces. Because of the cross hatch pattern it is a very durable and scratch resistant leather.

The unique wax coating increases its water resistance; a trait not usually found in leather goods. This makes it ideal for use on pieces which you would use every day like handbags, wallets and card holders.


What Are The Drawbacks Of Saffiano?

To go alongside it’s many benefits, Saffiano does have a couple of drawbacks which should be mentioned. Firstly, the stamping process makes the leather feel very rigid and dense, with the wax coating giving a feel which can be described as akin to plastic. Without this however it would be a regular leather with no water resistance and reduced durability, so it is a trade off for those qualities. Secondly, because Saffiano is defined by the stamping process and the pattern itself, it can be made from low grade leathers and still look very similar on the surface to a high grade. It is important to receive assurance that the leather used for your Saffiano is to the high standard of quality you expect as this could affect the longevity of the piece. Seen by Rob Williams at 17:40