Searching For Leather Belt Manufacturers?

Bringing together function and aesthetics, our extensive production capability allows us to create handcrafted leather belts. With the capability to produce bespoke hardware, we can make intricate belt buckle designs with a range of plating and colouring options. Our expertise as leather belt manufacturers allows us to create pieces to your brand’s specification using your chosen leather and in your own style, taking your belt designs from concept to reality with few limitations.

Custom Belt Buckles

We stock a vast range of standard buckles which are appropriate for brands looking to keep an understated nature to their products. Usually however, as brands are looking to make a statement with unique designs, customers will request bespoke buckles which are made to their own design. This is something we can help with, producing affordable but robust buckles at the lowest order quantity available.

Made from high quality and durable die cast metal alloys, we offer our belt buckles with 24 different plating options and with enamel colours available, we impose no limitations regarding design complexity.

With all belts being made custom and to order, we can produce reversible, single sided, suede backed and embossed belts for your brand.

A unique alternative to the traditional belt is the woven leather belt, which we can manufacture for you along with a custom buckle which will portray your brand perfectly.

Although most leather belts are robust, if you’re looking to produce belts specifically for workwear purposes we can suggest durable options for your leather choice, and a strong buckle design to fulfil your requirement.