Mens Wallet Styles


The most commonly used accessory by men is by far the Wallet. It’s difficult to find a man who doesn’t use either a Wallet or Card Holder to store their bank cards and cash neatly. It’s no surprise then, that there are many different types of Wallet. In this article we will run through some of the most common types that we, as leather goods manufacturers produce.


Bi Fold Wallet

The Bi Fold is without question the most common wallet style, because of it’s near perfect combination of simplicity and versatility. They were introduced in the 50s when the credit card as we know it was born. They fold once across the middle, are usually made from leather and feature a multitude of card slots, and a central slot which holds bank notes. Some have a small compartment for coins. A lot of men find this adds bulk to the item and find it easier to have a wallet which only has space for notes and cards, however others prefer to have this coin compartment as an added convenience. Some Bi Folds have a clear window incorporated to the inside which is used for holding ID, such as a driving licence.


Tri Fold Wallet

The Tri Fold wallet is the second most common wallet, favoured by some for it’s increased versatility over the Bi Fold. It has a bulky design however. The Tri Fold uses two folds which create three sides to the wallet. They incorporate space for cards, notes and coins, and are usually made from leather.


Breast Wallet:

The Breast Wallet, also known as the Travel Wallet, is very useful for keeping important items together because it is large enough to incorporate cheque books, passports etc. while also holding cards, notes and coins. However, it is extremely large and usually works only for those who are wear a suit and keep it in the inside breast pocket, hence the name. It is a more formal wallet which wouldn’t be paired with a casual outfit, mainly for reasons of practicality.


Card Holders

Card holders comes in at a close second to the Bi Fold Wallet in terms of versatility, boasting a very slim design which adds very little to the pocket in which it is stored. Usually with space to hold 6 cards, and with a small slot in the middle, the card holder can carry a small amount of cash, something which appeals to many in our near cashless society.


Coin Purse:

The Coin Purse is a very old design, but one which is still popular today. It’s origins are from back when banknotes were not commonly used, rather coins were favoured for most people. Today, people look for versatility in their Wallet due to the amount of cards and cash they have to carry around with them. A Bi Fold or Card Holder is usually favoured over the Coin Purse.


Money Clip:

Money Clips are still very popular, even though cash is decreasing in popularity as a payment method. Many people like to use a Money Clip for style reasons, and sometimes choose to keep their cash in one as a public demonstration of wealth.